AMIkids Activities

AJC’s mentoring program takes place every Friday the Wake County Public School System is operating on a normal schedule. We meet at the Talley loop on NC State’s campus at 1:45pm and carpool together to the AMIkids campus, where we mentor from about 2:15 – 4:15pm. Our primary goal is to help these students succeed and to physically, mentally, and emotionally become the best versions of themselves that they could be. We plan each mentoring day far in advance to ensure that the day goes accordingly and the students gain the most from our time with them. A big part of our process is finding activities that are both enjoyable and beneficial to the students. Previous activities we have done have been:

Decorating stockings (12/7/2018)


Resume Building (11/2/2018-11/9/2018)


Career Day (4/20/2018)

IMG_0082 (1)IMG_0087

And a lot of other teaching and relationship-building activities

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